Our core team began in the OCEANS. We've spent thousands and thousands of hours in and on the WATER. With degrees in wildlife, conservation, and marine ecology/biology, our early years were spent in the lab with pipettes in our hands. But a gap existed. Distrust for experts proliferated as communication between science and the community started to break down. So we decided to attempt to bridge this gap by putting down the pipettes and picking up cameras. We freelanced for years producing, directing, and shooting with companies like National Geographic, Silverback Films, Plimsoll Productions, the BBC, Red Bull Media House, CuriosityStream and Discovery Channel. We threw some corporate work in there with groups like Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, San Diego Zoo Global, OceanGate, and LifeProof. Then it clicked... let's come together and do more. Our goal is simple... we want to create hype for the planet. We want to inspire, to educate, to awe in order to get people excited to care about our Mother Earth.

Our specialty is filming in and around the ocean. But over the years, we've developed a wide skill set and continue to add members to our team with the ability to film, direct, and produce in any environment. This growing global network grants us special access to fixers, spotter pilots, camera technology, and local knowledge; crucial components of a highly impactful story. 

We utilize a variety of tools to help us get the job done including...

  • Aerial platforms (drones)

  • Underwater cameras, grip, and lighting

  • Gimbal stabilizers

  • Rebreathers, SCUBA, and freediving

  • Underwater scooters, jibs, and other homemade constructions to capture highly immersive cinematography

  • Low-light sensors

  • VR cameras

  • Aquarium sets for dynamic macro shots

New technology is fantastic, but in the end, it's merely a tool that we use to tell our story.