At a moment's notice, we are ready and able to take advantage of California's wildlife.   

As climate change continues to shift animal migration patterns, wildlife has become more difficult to predict.  With a network of researchers, expedition leaders, captains and scientists, Diatom Studios is in tune with our environment - so we can be there when the moment happens.

Broadcast ready.

Diatom Studios owns and services a full suite of in-house production gear, allowing us to constantly tinker and perfect our craft.  

shot on red.png
shot on dji.png

We primarily shoot on RED Epics, and use the Inspire 2 in the air.  For underwater work, we trust the GATES Deep Epic underwater housing to get the RED in the ocean.

We create content in all forms:

Short Form:

High quality, curated content intended for social media and web distribution.

Broadcast Films:

Sequence work for feature length natural history productions.


Narrative-driven episodic programming for multi-part series'.